Al Waqf And Ibtidaa part 4

The stop and the start (Al-Waqf wa Al-Ibtidaa’) part 4

The stop and the start (Al-Waqf wa Al-Ibtidaa’) part-4      الوقف  والابتداء الجزء الرابع

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Al-Ibtidaa’ (The start).


In the knowledge of scholars of Quran recitation, is referring to recitation after cutting off recitation or stopping.
The beginning is only by choice, in contrast to the stop, which may be by choice or compulsion. For that reason it is demanded of the reader when beginning, that he start his recitation with an independent phrase that conveys the intended meaning,  not attached to that which precedes it grammatically.

There are two types of Ibtidaa    ابتداء :

1-Ibtidaa Haqiqi :when the recitation is initiated a-new     أبتداء حقيقي

2- Ibtidaa Taqdeeri : to continue the recitation after a pause. Similarly, completing one Surat and starting the next too will be    أبتداء  تقديرى او أضافى The beginning that is not allowed

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Therefore Alibtidaa الابتداء divide as Alwaqf   الوقف

1-The allowed Ibtidaa (الابتداء الجائز)

2- The Ibtidaa that is not allowed  (الابتداء الغير جائز)

1-The allowed Ibtidaa (الابتداء الجائز)

1-Complete Ibtidaa ( الابتداء التام) 

a-Any start of a surah
B- the start after a complete stop Examples : start with ayah no. 6 in Surat Al-Baqarah  إِنَّ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا سَوَاءٌ     not attached to the previous ayah.Complete Ibtidaa ( الابتداء التام) 

2-Sufficient Ibtidaa ( الابتداء الكافى) 

Example :start with ayah no.7 in ٍSurat Al-Baqarah  خَتَمَ اللَّهُ عَلَىٰ قُلُوبِهِمْ وَعَلَىٰ سَمْعِهِمْ  Attached to the previous ayah in meaning.Sufficient Ibtidaa ( الابتداء الكافى) 

3-Good  Ibtidaa ( الابتداء الحسن) 

Example:Good Ibtidaa

And indeed, you pass by them in the morning – The two ayat attached grammatically and in meaning.

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2- The Ibtidaa that is not allowed  (الابتداء الغير جائز)

The undesired, detested Ibtidaa (أبتداء قبيح)

repulsive beginning would be when starting with a word that leads to a meaning other than that Allah, The Exalted, wants, or a meaning that is in disagreement with our creed.detested Ibtidaa(أبتداء قبيح

More Examples:

  • – Start with   اتَّخَذَ الرَّحْمَنُ وَلَدًا    (88)

“Allah has taken a son.” (Astaghfirullah) Without saying first “They say”  وَقَالُوا 

  • In surat Al-Ma‟idah aya 64

Start with          يَدُ اللَّهِ مَغْلُولَةٌ           The hand of Allah is chained.

Without saying           وَقَالَتِ الْيَهُودُ      And the Jews say

Will continue ….
See: Part 1  Part 2  part3

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