Al Waqf And Ibtidaa part 1


The stop and the start (Al-Waqf wa Al-Ibtidaa’) part-1     الوقف  والابتداء الجزء الاول

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One of the most important areas in the science of Tajweed is knowledge of how to stop and begin recitation.
The understanding of Allah‟s words can‟t be appreciated ,nor correct understanding achieved without this knowledge.

Ibn Omar radia Allahu Anhu said:

We spent a particular time when Iman (faith) would come to a person before Al-Qur’an and before a Soorah was revealed to the Prophet (blessing and peace be upon him), then we learned the halal and haram as well as the do’s and don’ts and what is suggested to be learnt/notified from it”.

Translation: To read the letters correctly (with Tajweed) and to recognize the places of pausing.

Meaning of Waqf:

The definition of waqf is to pause in such a manner that the breath and voice terminates; thereafter to take in a new breath and also to have the intention of reading forward.

1- Al-Waqf (The stop).

2- Al-Ibtidaa’ (The start).

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Al-Waqf (The stop)

There are three divisions There are three divisions :

A-The Compelled Stop (الوقف الاضظرارى)

B-The Optional Stop (الوقف الاختيارى)

C– The Test Stop (الوقف الاختبارى)

A-The Compelled Stop (الوقف الاضظرارى)

This is what happens when the reader has a compelling reason for stopping such as shortness of breath, sneezing, coughing, disability, forgetfulness, and whatever is similar to these causes.

In these cases it is allowed to stop on the end of the word the reciter was at, even if the meaning is not complete.

After the compelling state has passed, the reader then starts with the word stopped on, and then joins it with what follows if it is a sound beginning; if not, the reader then should start back
one or two or more words, until they can start with what is sound for a beginning.

B-The Optional Stop (الوقف الاختيارى)

This is what was intended by the reciter by his own choice, without any outside reasons. This is the category of stopping that will be discussed in details , needs to be studied and applied in the correct way.

The optional stop is divided into four categories:

1-The inclusive, complete waqf  (وقف تام)

2-The sufficient, permissible waqf (وقف كافى)

3-The reliable, accepted waqf  (وقف حسن)

4-The undesired, detested waqf (وقف  قبيح)
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C– The Test Stop (الوقف الاختبارى)

This is what is required of the student when being examined or taught by a teacher .The teacher may stop the student and correct him in a letter, in reading, in tajweed, or anything else that they feel needs correcting. The student stops when instructed to, and attempts to correct the mistake

Will continue ….
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