Tajweed Course for beginner Part-4

Al-ITH-HAAR(Al-HALIQE)   الإظهار الحلقى 

– Izhaar means: clear

Definition In Tajweed: Pronouncing every letter from its articulation point without a ghunnah on the clear letter.

-There are six letters which when preceded by ‘nun sakin’ or ‘tanween’, they are to be pronounced with ‘idh-haar’.
– Izhaar Letters: the throat letters  :      {   
ءََََ  هـََََ   عََََ   حََََ   غََََ   خ  }

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– The sound of  (ن ) is pronounced clearly (without a nasal sound or ghunna).
Note: All these six letters have the sound from the throat and are sometimes referred as huruf-al-halaqiyya (throat letters).

-If a Noon Saakin or a Tanween is followed by any of the six throat letters, The Noon Saakin or the Tanween is pronounced clearly from its respective origination without Ghunnah.
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Note:- If the Tanween is followed by Hamzatul wassl( همزة الوصل ) , the reader is supposed to pronounce the noon in the Tanween like Noon with Kasrah.
Example:   يَوْمَئِذٍ الْمُسْتَقَرُّ 

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