The Connecting Hamzah (Hamzah Alwasl)part3

Hamzat Alwasl 44

The Connecting Hamzah (Hamzah Alwasl) Part3     همزة الوصل الجزء الثالث

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You can find (hamzatul wasl) on:
1-Verbs الأفعال
2-Nouns الأسماء
3-Letters  الحروف

2-The vowel of hamzat Alwasl when beginning with it in Nouns:

Always started with a kasrah

Hamzat Alwasl can be in regular or irregular in nouns and always
started with a kasrah.

-Hamzat AlWasl in Regular Nouns:

  • Original noun derived from five and six letter verbs.
  • -Original noun(مصدر (defined as A “noun” that points to the moment of occurrence.
  • -Original nouns that begin with hamzatul wasl are derived from either a five-letter verb that has
    the same letter and vowel weight as  أفتعل  or a six-letter verb with the same letter and vowel weight as ْ أستفعل .

When these verbs are in the noun form, the third letter has a kasrah and an alif is added before the last letter.


Hamzatul Was


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Hamza-t Al-Wasl in Irregular Nouns:

-These nouns also will have a kasrah on hamza-t al-wasl when beginning on these words. If we are
reading these words connected with that which precedes it, we drop hamzatul wasl in pronunciation.

-It is found in ten specific nouns in the Arabic language, only seven of these are found in the Quran.

ابن     ابنت     اثنتين     اثنين     اسم     امرأت     امرؤ


Hamzatul Wasl

3-The vowel of hamzat Alwasl when beginning with it in Letters:

Always started with a Fatha

Hamza-t Alwasl can precede participles, more specifically, the definite article “the”  ال التعريف 

which is a laam  لام – ال )  attached to a noun, preceded by a hamzat alwasl.

Hamza-t alwasl then beginning any noun beginning with the laam of the definite article “the” is read with a fath.


اللَّهُ    –    الْكِتَابَ

-Hamza-t Alwasl disappears in writing and in pronunciation in the definite article “the” ال التعريف  of     nouns when preceded by with a kasrah.

Exampleإِنَّ لِلْمُتَّقِينَ مَفَازًا


Hamzet Alwasel



It will be continue

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