The Complete Tajweed Course ( What is Tajweed )

What is tajwwe ?

This is the first episode in this episode. I’ll cover what is the meaning of the Tajweed is one of the Islamic sciences . There are many Islamic sciences and one of them that’s related to the Quran.

How to read the Quran correctly, how to recite the Quran like Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) , how to pronounce the Quran correctly.

What is the meaning of that word (Tajweed) ?

It is Arabic word Means : improvement or betterment
Because when you know the rules of the Tajweed will be improved, your recitationtion will be Better

Allah said: وَرَتِّلِ الْقُرْآنَ تَرْتِيلًا (4) )

It’s mean recite the Quran slowly and clearly.

Let’s take example for important of learning Tajweed

We have Aarbic word. It’s called (قلب ) means Heart and other word called (كلب)

If you don’t know Tajweed rules Maybe you mix between (قلب ) and (كلب) because the both of these words have the same letter except (ق – ك ) and near from each other.

We pronounce ( كلب) instead of (قلب ) So if you don’t know that a Tajweed rules, maybe you Mix between it, So this is the reason to learn that with rules.

And Lesson to practice from this video:

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