Learn Surah Al Kawthar with Tajweed Rules

surah Al Kauthar

Surah Al Kauthar



إِنَّاۤ أَعۡطَیۡنَـٰكَ :

1-Read (ن) with Shaddah ( with Ghonnah ) Two Haraks ( Vowel counts ).

2-Alif Madd  length  it Four or five Vowel counts Madd Munfasel (separated Madd ) 4 o 5 Harakhs (Vowels counts).

فَصَلِّ :  letter  (ل ) is Morqeeq ( lite Lam ) , The sound like word (Lamp) in English language , Make sure you pronounce it correctly.

وَٱنۡحَرۡ : Ithaar Halqe because Tanween is followed by (ح) – It means to pronoun Tanween Clearly in Tajweed six Ithaar Halqe Letters ( ء – ه -ع – ح -غ – خ ).

إِنَّ : The (ن) with Shaddih length it two vowels counts .

ٱلۡأَبۡتَرُ : The (ب) has Qalqalah rule  , There are five Qalqalah Letters ( ق – ط- ب- -ج – د ) .

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Surat Al Kauthar  translation ( Tafseer ) :

We have given you plenty.                             (إِنَّا أَعْطَيْنَاكَ الْكَوْثَرَ (١

So pray to your Lord and sacrifice.          (2) فَصَلِّ لِرَبِّكَ وَانْحَرْ

  He who hates you is the loser.                     (3) إِنَّ شَانِئَكَ هُوَ الْأَبْتَرُ

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Surah Al-Ikhlas equals a third of the Quran.

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