What are the rules for Ramadan fasting?

Sawm Fasting in the month of Sha'ban

What things do not break the fast in Islam?

  • Having the ears syringed; nose drops and nasal sprays – so long as one avoids swallowing anything that reaches the throat.
  • Tablets that are placed under the tongue to treat angina and other conditions – so long as one avoids swallowing anything that reaches the throat.
  • Anything inserted into the vagina, such as pessaries, douches, scopes or fingers for the purpose of a medical examination.
  • Insertion of a scope or intra-uterine device (IUD or “coil”) and the like into the uterus.
  • Insertion into the urethra – for males or females – of a catheter, opaque dye for diagnostic imaging, medication or solutions for cleansing the bladder.
  • Dental fillings, tooth extractions, cleaning of the teeth, use of Siwaak or toothbrush – so long as one avoids swallowing anything that reaches the throat.
  • Rinsing, gargling or applying topical mouth sprays – so long as one avoids swallowing anything that reaches the throat.

Does bleeding break your fast?

-Kidney dialysis, whereby the blood is taken out, cleaned, and put back with some chemicals or nourishing substances such as sugars and salts added, is considered to break the fast. (Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah, 10/190).

-Having a blood sample taken does not break the fast and is permissible because it is something that is needed. (Fataawa al-Da’wah: Ibn Baaz, no. 979).

What are the rules for Ramadan fasting

What things can break fasting in Islam?

Apart from hayd (menstruation) and nifaas (post-natal bleeding), other things that can break the fast are only considered to do so if the following three conditions apply:

if a person knows that it breaks the fast and is not ignorant; if he is aware of what he is doing and has not forgotten that he is fasting; if he does it of his own free will and is not forced to do it.

  • Among the things that break the fast are actions that involves the expulsion of bodily fluids, such as intercourse, vomiting, menstruation and cupping, and actions that involve ingesting matter, such as eating and drinking.
  • Among the things that break the fast are things that are classified as being like eating or drinking, such as taking medicines and pills by mouth, or injections of nourishing substances, or blood transfusions.

Ramadan is obligatory fasting in Islam

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Why is Ramadan the month of fasting?

The onset of Ramadaan is confirmed by the sighting of the new moon, or by the completion of thirty days of Sha’baan. Whoever sees the crescent of the new moon or hears about it from a trustworthy source is obliged to fast.

Using calculations to determine the onset of Ramadaan is bid’ah, because the hadeeth of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) clearly states: “Fast when you see it (the new moon) and break your fast when you see it.”

If an adult, sane, trustworthy, reliable Muslim who has good eyesight says that he has seen the crescent with his own eyes, then we should take his word for it and act accordingly .

rules for Ramadan fasting

Who is obliged to fast?

Fasting is an obligation on every adult, sane, settled [i.e., not travelling] Muslim who is able to fast and has nothing such as hayd [menstruation] or nifaas [post-natal bleeding] to prevent him or her from doing so.

A person is deemed to have reached adulthood when any one of the following three things occur: emission of semen, whether in a wet dream or otherwise; growth of coarse pubic hair around the private parts; attainment of fifteen years of age.

  • In the case of females, there is a fourth, namely menstruation; when a girl reaches archenemy (starts her periods), she is obliged to fast even if she has not yet reached the age of ten.  
  • Children should be instructed to fast at the age of seven, if they are able to, and some scholars said that a child may be smacked at the age of ten if he does not fast, just as in the case of Salaah.

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