Tafseer Surah Al Ma’un Benefits Tajweed rules

Tafseer Surah Al Maun

Introduction to Surah Al Ma’un

Surah Al-Ma’un serves as a moral guide for believers, directing them towards acts of kindness, compassion, and social responsibility.

It encourages genuine faith and sincerity in actions while emphasizing the rewards of charity and good deeds in both worldly life and the Hereafter.

1-THE Al- Ma’un ASSISTANCE  ).
2-Arrange of Surah : (107).
3-Number of Ayats: (7).
4-where revealed: Makkiyah.

Why Was Surah Al Ma’un Revealed (Asbab al-n-Nuzul) ?

This Surah was revealed about al-‘As ibn Wa’il al-Sahmi”. And Ibn Jurayj said: “Abu Sufyan ibn
Harb was in the habit of slaughtering two camels every week.

On one occasion, an orphan came to him asking him for something. Abu Sufyan responded by hitting him with a stick. And so Allah, exalted is He, revealed Surat Al Maun.

Learn Surah Al Ma'un with Tajweed Rules

Tafseer of Surah Al Ma’un Meaning in English (Verse by Verse)

Have you considered him who denies the religion?.       (أَرَأَيْتَ الَّذِي يُكَذِّبُ بِالدِّينِ (١

It is he who mistreats the orphan.                                    (2) فَذَلِكَ الَّذِي يَدُعُّ الْيَتِيمَ

  And does not encourage the feeding of the poor.               (3) ولَا يَحُضُّ عَلَى طَعَامِ الْمِسْكِينِ

So woe to those who pray.                                         (4) فَوَيْلٌ لِلْمُصَلِّينَ

Those who are heedless of their prayers.                              (5) الَّذِينَ هُمْ عَنْ صَلَاتِهِمْ سَاهُونَ

Those who put on the appearance.                        (6) الَّذِينَ هُمْ يُرَاءُونَ

And withhold the assistance.                                   (7) وَيَمْنَعُونَ الْمَاعُونَ

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What Is The General Meaning of Surah Al Ma’un ?

Community Cohesion: The Surah promotes community cohesion and solidarity. It encourages believers to support one another and to contribute positively to the welfare of society. By emphasizing acts of kindness and compassion, it fosters a sense of unity and cooperation among members of the community.

Spiritual Reflection: Surah Al-Ma’un invites believers to engage in introspection and spiritual reflection. It prompts individuals to evaluate their intentions and actions, fostering humility and sincerity in their relationship with Allah and with others.

Benefits of Surah Al Ma’un

  • Reflection on Social Responsibility: Surah Al-Ma’un serves as a reminder of the importance of fulfilling social responsibilities and obligations towards others.
  • It encourages believers to engage in acts of kindness, charity, and assistance, especially towards those in need within their communities.
  • Rejection of Hypocrisy: The Surah condemns hypocrisy and insincerity in worship. By warning against those who perform outward acts of worship but neglect their moral and social duties, it emphasizes the importance of genuine faith and sincerity in one’s actions.
  • Emphasis on Basic Humanitarian Values: Surah Al-Ma’un emphasizes basic humanitarian values such as kindness, compassion, and generosity.
  • It encourages believers to extend help and support to those who are less fortunate, irrespective of their social or economic status.

Learn Surah Al Ma’un with Tajweed Rules

أَرَأَيْتَ : Ya’a (ى) is Leen letter , There are two Leen letter (و- ى ) , Leen Means : (و- ى ) preceded by Fatihah  No Mad here just pronounce it without Mad  

الَّذِي : Letter (ذ) Make a tip of Tongue touch The tip of front teeth,  Like (Th) English letter, There are Letters in Arabic should Pronounced like that      ث – ظ- ذ

بِالدِّينِ : Letter (د) has Shaddih on it , Make sure stress it little bit , Like Tow (DD) in English.

فَذَٰلِكَ : Small Alif like Big one Alif Madd length  it Two Vowel counts.

يَحُضُّ  : The (ض) letter has Tafkheem rule, it’s meaning elevating the posterior tongue to the roof of the mouth (soft palate).

طَعَامِ : The (ط) letter has Tafkheem rule, it’s meaning creating more space between the roof of the mouth and the bottom of the mouth.

فَوَيْلٌ لِلْمُصَلِّينَ: The two Dammah above (ل)  Idgham without Ghunnah – Insert Tanween into second Laamwith don’t make Gunnah, in other word drop the Tanween.

هُمْ : Meem (م) Ithaar Shafawiy  it means  pronoun Meem letter Clearly.

عَنْ صَلاتِهِمْ: Between (ن) and (ص) IKhfaa halqee:  For Noon Sakinah ( ن )  or Tanween .

صَلاتِهِمْ: The (ص) letter has Tafkheem rule, it’s meaning creating more space between the roof of the mouth and the bottom of the mouth.

سَاهُونَ: When stopping on (و) by presented Sukoon , You can length Waw  2, 4 or 6 vowels counts , it’s optional you can choose any number of Harakahs .

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