Tips For Memorize Quran Hifz Part-2

Memoriza Quran

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-Fundamentals and principles for conservation:

1- Faithfulness to God, the Exalted, the Majestic.

2- Self motivation and high motivation.

3- Choose the right time and place.

4- Speech and reading correction.

5- Determine the percentage of memorization.

6- Keep one drawing of your Qur’an.

7- Understanding by memorizing.

8- Do not bypass Surah until you link the first to the end.

9 permanent follow-up.

10 – permanent recitation.

11- Caring for similarities.

12 – Seize the golden years of conservation.

-Be careful:

1- wonder and hypocrisy. 2-

Eat unlawful and similar things.

3- Mocking others who do not memorize or improve reading.

4- Sins, sins, big and small.

5 – Leave the maintenance and pledge to read it, even in the most difficult circumstances, and if it happened like that, he took the initiative. And ask God to love you for the Qur’an and love the Qur’an for you and to make it in the endosperm from your heart, keeping it as a factor to it for you.

-Etiquette had to be influenced by the Quran:

1- It is mustahabb to purify himself and perform ablution before reading.

2 that he is dead, so he will cleanse his mouth with miswak, because it is the way of the Qur’an.

3- It is better to receive the qiblah than to read it, because it is the most honorable party.

4- To seek refuge from the accursed Satan and read in the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

5 not to interrupt reading with words that are useless and avoid laughing, covering up and talking.

6- Repeating the verses to reflect and influence them.

7 to respect the Koran does not put it on the ground or put something on top of it and does not throw it to its owner if he wants to hand it to him and does not touch him except when he is pure.

8- To improve his voice in the Qur’an as much as he can.

9- Choose the right place and time.

Hifz Quran Memorizatio

-Treating forgetting the Noble Quran:

1- Resorting to God Almighty by making supplication and pleading with him that your heart be obliged to memorize its book and work in the manner that it pleases you.

2 – I sincerely intend to God Almighty and worship your Lord by reciting it.

3- I intend to work on it by following his orders and avoiding its intentions.

4- Make you a party that you read every day to the extent of memorizing you, for example if you are a complete Quran reciter, then what you read in the day is part.

-Types of desertion of the Quran:

Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim, may God have mercy on him, mentioned in the book ‘Benefits’ five types of desertion of the Holy Qur’an, we ask God Almighty not to be among them. One of them: Abandoning hearing, believing in it and listening to it.

The second: abandoning work and standing up to its permissibility and forbidden even if it is read and believed in it. And the third:

He deserted his arbitration and tried him on the origins of the religion, its branches and his beliefs that it does not benefit certainty and that his verbal evidence does not obtain knowledge. The fourth:

He abandoned his thinking and understanding of what the speaker wanted from him. And the fifth: abandonment of hospitalization and medication in all diseases of the hearts and their performance, so he requests a lasting recovery from others and abandon medication with him,

and all of this is included in his saying – Almighty -: {And the Apostle, O Lord, said that my people take this corpus:] Do not forget that each letter is pronounced when reciting the Quran in good deeds, and you write ten good deeds .. In “Bismillah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,” for example, 19 letters are counted as ‘190’ deeds! Automatic with saving and after saving? “Really a chance of a lifetime.”

Because some scales on Judgment Day may only need one good to rest its good deeds over its bad deeds, so the path opens thanks to God’s mercy and mercy to Heaven! God has not forbidden us the safe way to it, and God has blessed us all with his help and success, honesty, sincerity, acceptance .. and good outcome … Oh God, Amen.

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