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Al-IQLAB(NOON SAKINAH)      الإقلابَ

Iqlaab means: – “to turn over”.

Iqlaab In Tajweed: When ‘Noon Sakin’ ( ن ) or a letter with tanween is followed by the letter (ب) ,then the ‘nun sakin’ ( ن ْ)or ‘tanween’ will be changed into the letter ‘meem’ ( م ).

The ‘meem’ will be recited with a nasal sound (ghunna) – the ghunna will be held for two counts. In some books, a small ( م ) will be written over the ‘nun’ as a reminder of its pronunciation.

Iqlaab letters:-  “ ب ”.

How to pronounce hidden meem ?

Pronouncing the hidden meem by closing the lips and holding the meem for the length of the ghunnah, then opening them with the baa.
You may note that most copies of the Qur’an have very small meem (
َ م )written over letter noon ( ن )or the second dammah or fat-hah or kasrah of the tanween is replaced by a small meem.

Practice reading the following words:

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Tuhfat Al Atfal Matn (Noon Sakinah&theTanween):


وَالثَـالثُ الإقْـلابُ عِنـْدَ البَــــاءِ           مِيمــاً بِغُنَّــةٍ مَــعَ الإِخْفَاءِ


وَالثَـالثُ  – third the
الإقْـلابُ  –  iqlab literally means to change something.
عِنـْدَ  – by
البَــــاءِ – Ba’a letter (ب)
مِيمــاً –  Meem letter (م)
بِغُنَّــةٍ – Ghunnah is the nasal sound
مَــعَ  – with
الإِخْفَاءِ – ikhfaʾ literally means to hide and conceal.


13. And the third (rule) is iqlشb (changing the Noon Saakinah or Tanween ) by the baʾ to a mim, applying ghunnah with ikhfaʾ.


The third rule regarding the Noon Saakinah and Tanween is iqlab, which takes place when theNoon Saakinah or Tanween is followed by a ba.

The author outlines three applications in this verse. Firstly, iqlab, which is the changing of the Noon Saakinah or Tanween into a mīm. Secondly, that it will be read with ghunnah, and thirdly, making ikhfaʾ (concealing) of the mīm sākinah. Only with all these three applications is the rule of iqlab read correctly.

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