Tafkheem and Tarqeeq Part-1

Tafkheem and Tarqeeq Part-1

–Tafkheem and Tarqeeq  Part-1    التــفــخــيـــم والتــرقــيــق الجزء الأول 

We can divided Arabic letters into three categories as to Tafkheem and Tarqeeq:

1-Letters that always have tafkheem: it will be seven letters in the group ( خص ضغط قظ )

2-Letters that have tafkheem sometimes and tarqeeq other times :

  • The lengthened alif .  ( ا )
  • Laam (ل )in the Glorious name of Allah .     اللهم – الله
  • Raa  (راء) .

3-The Letters always have tarqeeq will be the remain of the Arabic alphabet.

Definition of  Tafkheem (Heavy ):

Linguistic Definition: To Fatten or heaviness.
Applied Definition in Tajweed: Technically, it is the thickness/fullness which fills the mouth with the pronunciation of certain letters.

Heavy Letters ( خص ضغط قظ )

Those that are sometimes heavy and sometimes light: Laam, Ra, Alif Maddiyyah, and the sound of ghunna.

These ( 7 )letters are known as ( ‘isti’laa’ ) حروف الاستعلاء . or Elevation is a characteristic of these letters where the tongue is raised to the roof of the mouth when the letter is pronounced.


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Degrees of Tafkheem:

  1. First Degree: A heavy letter with a fatha and an alif following the fatha.
  2. Second Degree: A heavy letter with a fatha.
  3. Third Degree: A heavy letter with a dhamma.
  4. Fourth Degree: A heavy letter with a kasra.
  5. Fifth Degree: A heavy letter with a sukoon.

Levels of Tafkheem

Definition of  Tarqeeq:

Linguistic Definition: Tarqeeq literally means to make something thin.
Applied Definition in Tajweed: Technically, it is the thinness (flatness) found in the mouth while pronouncing some letters.

Letters that always have Tarqeeq (light letters) This group consists of the rest of the Arabic alphabet.

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