4 tips on how to learn Arabic successfully part2

4 tips on how to learn arabic successfully part2

You should read part -1

Starting from reading is actually way easier. Then, starting from listening, we want to start from the reading and then build our way up all the way to listening. Listening is our goal, really.

I mean, I want to get to the point where I’m listening to the imam, recite the Quran and I can just make total sense of it until the day comes to an end. And I’m engaged with the words of Allah, that’s a final skill that’s like when you’ve reached your goal, kind of in in your study of Arabic. That’s a pretty major milestone. It’s not the highest milestone. What’s a pretty major milestone when you can stand in prayer and understand even one phrase or to phrase, you start picking things up. That’s pretty cool.

We can start getting there soon, but eventually you want to get to the point where anything you recite, maybe one or two words you’re missing, and then you could look those up. Or you can ask the person who led the prayer here. What did you mean by what word is that what stood out was that from? And you can find that out and build that, Okay, in any case. So I’ve started with four skills once again because I want you to remember the stuff we started with the output skills writing and speaking. And we eliminated those for the purpose of Quran study. Then we talked about listening and reading and be eliminated.

We’re gonna focus.

1-The first one :

You’re going to read the Quran and try to make sense of what you are reading. And that’s cool. That’s actually a pretty easy way to narrow down your focus. Okay, so that’s the first one before most part of the discussion today that I wanted to get out of the way. Don’t worry about what? Stop stressing yourself out about vocabulary. It will come. I promise you it will come and you’ll be very good at it. And actually, the vocabulary of the Quran is easier than most of the vocabulary of Arabic.

You can’t just have the you know which book should I study. Books are just, uh, information. It’s what method will I use to teach that book right? The method has to be right for a student to be able to really retain their stuff, so it’s not just about getting a book and going through it, and you’ll get it.

2-The second thing is:

clear objectives. Now that we’re worried Onley about reading, let’s get clear about our objectives if you are someone and I’m only gonna talk about three groups today, right? And then we’re gonna be done with this session First group.

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To be clear .

If you’re somebody who knows absolutely zero about the Arabic language, you know nothing about the alphabet you know nothing about. You know, the pronunciation. You’re absolutely zero. Okay, you know nothing. Or you’re someone who used to know. And now you for gotten okay. Now you don’t remember what it was or you You read it so poorly, you’re almost embarrassed to read it in front of somebody else, right? Or even to yourself out loud. You feel hesitation in doing that then And many of you if that If that’s the beginning level you’re at. It’s gonna be hard for you to go to a mush it and sit down with a bunch of like, 11 year olds and they’re reading better than you are. And you’re saying that embarrassing yourself, it’s gonna be hard, right ?

You could maybe take a college course.

College courses are pretty expensive on. Also, when you go to a college course, they’re not going to say we’re just gonna focus on reading. They’re gonna say, reading, writing, speaking, listening. There you go again. I’m focused on four skills where I needed to focus on one. That’s another problem. You could try to do this on your own on. That’s gonna be a challenge, and sometimes you try to do it with a tutor online. Many of you have tutors online, and for some of you it’s a hit or a miss. Sometimes you make it.

Sometimes you don’t, and sometimes they’re pretty good. Ah, lot of times there because they’re foreigners themselves. They wanna take you on a pace that they’re used to, or that they’re used to teaching kids and kids don’t learn the same way as adults. Kids are sponges. They can pick things up quickly. But you’re 35 years old. You’re 27 years old. You’re not gonna be able to pick up quickly as Children.

And now you start feeling inadequate and you get de motivated. I take you back to the first challenge. If you’re not motivated, you’re not gonna learn.


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