Lam Sakinah rules definite article

Lam Sakinah rules definite article

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Lam Sakinah rules definite article  ( أحكام اللام الساكنة ( لام التعريف

The Lam Sakinah in the Quran are of five categories :

1- Lam of the definite articleThe .

2- The lam in a verb.

3- The lam in a noun .

4-  The lam of command .

5-  The lam in a participle.

RULES OF LĀM Lām of the Definite Article

The definition of the definite article   ( لام ( ال It is an extra Laam Saakinah added to the basic makeup of the word.

Example:    الكتاب (the book)    —    كتاب (a book)

The Rules :

1-(The Moon Letters) : Iẓhar :

—> If the definite article    ( لام ( ال  precedes a noun beginning with any of the fourteen letters in the group.       (إبغ حجك وخف عقيمه )  —–  (  ء ب غ ح ج ك و خ ف ع ق  ي م هـ )    


(القمر – الأوّل – الباسط – الغفور – الحكيم – الجليل – الكريم – الودود – الخبير – الفصل – العليم – القاهر – اليقين – الملك – الهادي)

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2-(The Sun Letters) : Idghām :

—> if  Lam of the definite article  precedes any of the fourteen remaining letters ( ط ث ص ر ت ض ذ ن د س ظ ز ش ل )


(الشمس، الطارق، الصابرين، الرحمة، الظالمين، السماء، الزكاة، الشياطين)





—> If followed by Lam    الله – الذين- التى

The name of Allah noun that cannot be further broken down Though the original noun without the definite article was  إله  

And when the Alif lam was added the Hamzah was dropped and the lam of the definite article merged into the lam of the noun so the honoured word became Allahالله ) The lam in this case lam shamsiyah  ( شمسية ).

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