The Rules of Meem Saakinah

The Rules of Meem Saakinah

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The Rules of Meem Saakinah     احكام الميم الساكنه

Meem Saakin:

a Meem without Harakah ( م ) or a Meem with a Sukoon sign ( م ).

Examples :

The Rules of Meem Saakinah

Rules of Meem Saakin:

1- Ikhfaa Shafawi     اخفاء شفوى
2- Izhaar Shafawi     اظهار شفوى
3- Idghaam Mutamathelyne Sagheer      ادغام متماثلين صغير

AL-IKHFAA’ ASH-SHAFAWI (الإخفاءَالشفويَ )

Ikhfaa means: hide .

So it is the hiding of the origination of Meem by not letting the two lips come in complete contact.

Letters of Ikhfaa Shafawi  ( ب )

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The way of pronounciation:

When ‘Meem sakinْ ( م ) is followed by the letter ‘ba( ’ب ) , they sound like as if the ‘meem’ is hiding behind the ‘ba’.

The ‘Meem’ is concealed or hidden by the ‘ba’. The word is pronounced with ghunna – the ghunna will be held for two counts.

Examples :



Shafawi means : Articulated from the two lips. It has one letter which is  ب

If Meem is followed immediately by Ba and this does not occur except in between two words ,we then hide the meem with accompanying ghunnah.

Hiding means in between Ith-har and Idgham , The lips close on with the مthe sound is held with a ghunnah for the appropriate period of time, then the lips separate with the letter ( ب ).

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