The Rules of Meem Saakinah

The Rules of Meem Saakinah

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The Rules of Meem Saakinah     احكام الميم الساكنه

Meem Saakin:

a Meem without Harakah ( م ) or a Meem with a Sukoon sign ( م ).

Examples :

The Rules of Meem Saakinah

Rules of Meem Saakin:

1- Ikhfaa Shafawi     اخفاء شفوى
2- Izhaar Shafawi     اظهار شفوى
3- Idghaam Mutamathelyne Sagheer      ادغام متماثلين صغير

AL-IKHFAA’ ASH-SHAFAWI (الإخفاءَالشفويَ )

Ikhfaa means: hide .

So it is the hiding of the origination of Meem by not letting the two lips come in complete contact.

Letters of Ikhfaa Shafawi  ( ب )

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The way of pronounciation:

When ‘Meem sakinْ ( م ) is followed by the letter ‘ba( ’ب ) , they sound like as if the ‘meem’ is hiding behind the ‘ba’.

The ‘Meem’ is concealed or hidden by the ‘ba’. The word is pronounced with ghunna – the ghunna will be held for two counts.

Examples :



Shafawi means : Articulated from the two lips. It has one letter which isب

If Meem is followed immediately by Ba and this does not occur except in between two words ,we then hide the meem with accompanying ghunnah.

Hiding means in between Ith-har and Idgham , The lips close on with the مthe sound is held with a ghunnah for the appropriate period of time, then the lips separate with the letter ( ب ).

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