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PARTS OF SPEECH (أقسام الكلام)

We start the Arabic lessons from the very beginning. A meaningful word in Arabic is called Kalimah (كـــلمــــة ). It has only three parts. In other words there are only three parts of speech in Arabic. These are:

  1. Noun ( أٍســــم )
  2. Verb ( فـــعـــل )
  3. Harf (حـــرف)

Noun ( أٍســــم ): literally :name.

Like :‘Muhammad’ (محمد) – Ahmad ( أحمد ) – France ( فرنسا ) – boy (ولد) – Maryam ( مريم )

It is that word which does not need the help of another word to explain its meaning. It is the name of a person, a place or a thing, and the term Ism includes the adjective nouns ( الصفة ) as well.

Verb ( فـــعـــل ):

It is that word by which we understand some work or action being done. It is of three kinds/tenses:

  1. The perfect tense, the Madi (الماضى) is used for an action which is completed,(فعل) he did (كتب) he wrote (دخل) he entered’.
  2.  The imperfect tenses the Madari (المضارع) used when an action is not completed ( يفعل ) he does or he is doing or he will do ( يكتب ) he writes/is writing/ will write( يدخل ) he enters/is entering/will enter’.
  3.  The imperative tense or the Amr ( الامر ) which
    signifies command, request or supplication( أفعل )
    ( أكتب ) ‘write ( أدخل ) ‘enter’.

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Harf (حـــرف)

The particle, preposition and conjunction are called harf. It is that word which is used with noun or verb to complete the meaning of the sentence; its meaning will depend on the word with which it is used, على ‘on’,
فى  ‘in’, ان ‘regarding’,نعم ‘yes’ لا  ‘no’ ‘ما that/ what’, etc.


Further explanation and information about the Ism, the Fail and the Harf will follow in the subsequent lessons.

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