How To Say Hello in Arabic

How To Say Hello in Arabic

How To Say Hello in Arabic

Arabic language Like any other languages has special words or terms to say (hello). In this Article i will try to focus on some common phrases to greeting in Arabic.

1- Ahlen أهلا 

You can Say it for friends , Family , neighbors- its informal (i prefer not in work)
You Can Answer by the same word أهلا Ahlan

2-Ahlen Wa Sahlan أهلا و سهلا

Like Ahlan ( أهلا) but more greeting, near in meaning in English (You are welcome ), you hear it in hotels , airports , restaurants to say welcome to guests  ,it is more formal but still can use with friends , Family , neighbors.

To Answer:  by the same word Ahlen Wa Sahlan  أهلا و سهلا  or just saying  Ahlan ( أهلا)

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3- Marhaba ( مرحبا)

Translation letterly to word ( Hello ) , Most of Arab Countries use t in normal life but here in Egypt we do not us it more , if other say it we understand he/she is not Egyptian.

For your knowledge, Means: Peace be Upon You:  by the same word Marhaba ( مرحبا) or saying Ahlan ( أهلا)

4-Assalamo Alaykom  السلام عليكم

This is official Islamic greeting – As you know majority of the populations are Muslims therefore it is normal to hear it so much.

For your knowledge, Means: Peace be Upon You.

To Answer say : Wa Alykom As-slam ( وعليكم السلام )

Hello in Arabic

5- Salam (سلام)

Its short form of saying Assalamu Alaikum – This greeting means peace , Look : usually Arabian people say it when leaving but still non Arabic speakers specially from India and Pakistan say it when see each other.

Respond to Salam (سلام) too

6-Ya’teek el ‘afye (يعطيك العافية)

– Means may God give you health – some Arab countries say it like Syria Lebanon, for me i find this greeting so cute.

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7-Kifak (كيفك)

– Means : How are you ? or you can say Kif Halak (كيف حالك) , For answer say :

  •  (بخيرi am Good.
  •  (كويس i am Good.
  • (الحمد لله) Alhumdollahn – thanks good.

8-Naharak sa’eed (نهارك سعيد)

-Means: happy day or good day , letterly means good morning but it is using for saying happy day, Good morning will be in next one.

9-Sabah el Kheir (صباح الخير ) , Sabah el Noor (صباح النور)

Sabah el Kheir (صباح الخير) – is meaning good Morning Respond to say  Sabah el Noor (صباح النور) either Sabah el Kheir (صباح الخير)

10-Masa’u Al-khair (مساء الخير) , Masa  An-Nur (مساء النور)

Masa’u Al-khair (مساء الخير) is meaning Good Night Respond to say Masa  An-Nur (مساء النور) either Masa  An-Nur (مساء النور)

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