Tajweed Course for beginner Part-15

THE MUDOOD (LENGTHENINGS) PART 1     أحكام المدود الجزء الاولى

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– Al-Madd linguistic definition: Long.
– Al-Madd Tajweed definition: it may be defined as to make the Madd letters long under some conditions.

The way of pronunciation

Al-Madd can be prolonged from two to six beats depending upon its kind.

THE MUDOOD ( The Lengthenings
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Types of Madd:

  1. Madd Tabee’ee        مد طبيعى
  2. Madd Al-Badal         مد البدل 
  3. Madd Ewadh          مد العوض
  4. Madd Aaridh Li-Ssukoon     مد عارض للسكون
  5. Madd Al-Leen        مد اللين
  6. Madd Waajib Muttasil      مد الواجب المتصل
  7. Madd Jaa’ez Munfasil      مد الواجب المنفصل
  8. Madd Laazim       مد لازم

Evidence of Mudda

Qatadah said:
I asked Anas about the recitation of the Qur’an by the Prophet (sala Allahu Alihi wa salam)
He said: He used to express all the long accents clearly. 
(SahihAl-Albani )

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1-The Natural Lengthening (Al-Madd At-tabee’ee)    المــد الطبيعى

Madd Tabee’ee means : the natural Madd. The natural Madd is simply one of the Madd letters(  ا  or و  or ى ) Huroof maddeya حروف مدية not followed by a Hamzah ( ء or a Saakin letter ) .

The Natural Lengthening (Al-Madd At-tabee’ee


تَرْمِيهِم  –  بِحِجَارَةٍ   –  مَّأْكُولٍ   – قَالَ

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The timing of each count depends on the speed of the reciter.

Each vowel should be equal in count to the other, and the Mudood of two, four, five, and six counts should be equal to that many vowels.

Vowel: Is the time needed to pronounce one letter with fat-hah or dammah or kasrah. The time of all voweled letter the same
Example: =(  َ ق   ِق = ُ ق َ س = ِس = ُ س = َ ت = ِ ت = ت ُ= َ ق = ق  = ُ ق     ) ……..
When we say 2 vowel counts means time needed to pronounce two successive voweled letter with fat-hah or dammah or kasrah. The time needed to pronounce   ما = مو = مي

Note 2:

Included in natural madd is the group of letters.   ( حى طهـر  )

Which are letters that start some surahs of the Quran. If any one of these letters is at the beginning of a surah, the letter is read with two vowel counts.

Example:  طه   pronounced    طا   ها

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