Makharij al Huruf part 2

Makharij al Huruf part 2

Tajweed Course for beginner Part-21

Makharij al Huruf  Or Articulation Points part 2             مخــارج الحـروف الجزء الثانى

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There are Five major five Makhaarj :

  1. Al Jawf ( The oral cavity )    الجوف
  2. Al Halq  ( The throat )    الحلق
  3. Al Lissaan ( The tongue )   اللسان
  4. Ash-shafatain ( The lips )    الشفتان
  5. Al Khayshoom ( The nasal cavity )     الخيشوم

1-Al Jawf ( The oral cavity )   الجوف

This is all the empty space that occurs from the chest, up the throat and out through the mouth. It is the makhraj of the long vowels sounds (also known as the elongated letters) and is elongated for 2 counts:


These three madd letters do not have a specific space that they finish at like other letters do, Instead these letters finish with the stopping of the sound.
A- ( ى The ya’ with sukoon preceded by a letter with kasrah (The vocal cords are open, and the middle of the tongue is raised close to the makhraj of the letter ya)

B- ( و )  The wow with sukoon preceded by a letter with Dammah (The vocal cords are open, and the lips are rounded in the same shape as if we were saying the letter wow.)

C- ( ا )  The Alif with a sukoon preceded by a letter with Fathah (The vocal cords are open. The back of the tongue is lowered for the light alif, and the back of the tongue is raised for the heavy alif.)
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  • in the Qur’an, the sukoon may not always be shown on the letter, but as a general rule, whenever a letter does not carry a vowel, it means that it has a sukoon, even if it is not actually present .
  • These letters are also found in the Quran (“نُوحِيهَا“)

2-Al Halq  ( The throat )    الحلق

In the throat there are 3 makhaarij and each one has 2 letters:

Makharij al Huruf-1235

  1. Adnal halq  (أدنى الحلقclosest part
  2. Wasatal halq ( وسط الحلق ) Middle part
  3. Aqsal halq  (أقصى الحلقDeepest part
  • The deepest part of the throat ( أقـصـى الحـلـق )means the farthest part from the mouth and closest to chest) from here two letters are articulated     ءَ  هــ
  • The middle part of the throat (  وســط الحــلــق ) where two letters emerge َ ع  ح
  • The closest part of the throat ( أدنى الحــلـق ) means the closest to the mouth) from here two letters emerge  غ  خ

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