kinds of mistakes in reading quran

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Introduction kinds of mistakes in reading Quran

In the field of tajweed, there are two types of Mistakes when reciting the al-Quran, namely ‘Lahn Jaliyy’ and ‘Lahn Khafiyy’.        لحن جلى   و   لحن خفى 

1-Lahn Jaliyy ( لحن جلى ) may be a major Mistake, while Lahn khafiyy could be a minor Mistake. The reciter commit Jaliyy Mistake and his intentional act makes the recital a prohibited practice, like changing the characters are recited and changing the sentences.

2- Lahn Khafiyy   ( لحن خفى ) may be a minor Mistake , like not completing the long method or not stopping the ‘ghunnah’ droning or humming as needed. However, although this is often a minor error, it blemishes the wonder of the al-Quran from the aspect of its recital thanks to the reciter’s negligence. Hence, by learning tahsin (improving or enhancing the recital).

kinds of mistakes in reading quran


mistakes in reading quran are Categorised into several levels consistent with its severity. for instance , the minor Mistake regarding tajweed, like reducing the degree of ghunnah, which is that the droning or humming also as reducing its length.

Khafiy Mistakes are divided into two levels. First, if the Mistake dismisses an existing decree, then committing the Mistake is haram. Second, if the error only dismisses a minor decree, then the error is taken into account makruh compared to a Jaliy Mistake.

Whether it causes changes to the meaning or not, it is still consider a grave Mistake that could
lead to a sin befalling the reciter of the al-Quran if the reciter is capable of learning , it is Haram.


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Types of Errors(Mistakes) when reciting the al-Quran:

  • Types of Errors when Pronouncing the Makhraj Characters:

Mistakes in pronouncing the Hijaiyah characters as well as Mistakes in the characteristics of Hams or Jahr. Syiddah, tawassut and rakhawah, itbaq, or infitah, qalqalah, sofir, istitolah, inhiraf, Lin, ghunnah and khafa.

  • Types of Errors Concerning the Thick and thin Pronunciations (tarqiq/Tafkhim):

These Mistakes refer to thickening the istifal character, thinning the isti’la’ character, thickening the pronunciation of a thin ro’, thinning the pronunciation of a thick ro’ and thinning a thick Lam jalalah.

  • Types of Errors in long and Short Recitals:

Among the kinds of Mistakes are extending beyond the normal rate, extending the character that should be long, the Mad Lazim Kalimi Muthaqqal isn’t extended to six harakat, not all the mad are of equal length, the Mad Munfasil isn’t 4 or 5 harakat, reducing the length of the character that should be actually long,

Mad Lazim Harfi Mukhaffaf isn’t extended to six harakat, Mad Asliis not extended to 2 harakat, Mad Silah Kubra isn’t extended to 4 or 5 harakat, Mad Asli Harfi is not extended to 2 harakat, Mad Lazim Harfi Muthaqqal isn’t extended to six harakat, and Mad Badal isn’t extended to 2 harakat.

kinds of mistakes in reading quran

  • Types of Errors Related to Characters and Sentences when Reciting the Al-Quran:

Among the Mistakes are those related to fathah, kasrah, dhommah, sukun and sabdu (diacritics) as well as Mistakes related to reducing, adding or changing characters.

  • Types of Errors Committed when Stopping or Beginning a Recital (Waqf/ Ibtida’):

Errors of this type include stopping or repeating a recital when inhaling, starting a recital with a word that disrupts the language structure, stopping at a word that disrupts the structure of the grammar, stopping at a word that disrupts the particular meaning, stopping at the liner from the last character and beginning a recital from the word that disrupts the particular meaning.


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