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How to learn Quran offline or online:

Quran is the words of Allah (SWT) , All Muslims approach to Allah by read and learning the holy Quran , just reading Quran gives you one Hasana for every single letter and Allah multiplay it ten times one letters aqual ten Hasanas.

For example: if you read short Surah like Al-Nas Surah you will get hundreds of Hasanas All of us need those, The prophet Muhammad Ordered us to learn reading right way ( if you can ).

Reading Quran not only for Arabic speaker but also everyone can do it just some reading rules you could recite Quran like Arabian people.

Five steps to start Memorizing Quran:

1-intentian: Introduce this Memorizing or reading to Allah only and asking reward From him.

2-Make schedule: Hifz (Memorization ) 30 Juz not easy job and take along time at least one year , Therefore you should be specific and fucus.

3-Seek For Sheikh (Teacher): Ever never think you can Read or Memorize Quran by yourself or from hearing recording of Quran ,
It’s not work like that You must read then make mistakes then Sheikh correct you again and again etc …….

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4-Choose suitable time for you: Not all of times we have full Concentration Maybe Morning after Fajr prayer or night when all people around you sleep and find quiet place.
You should ask this Question , it’s depend on you.

5-Repeating and revision: It’s most important element because if you don’t , finally you get nothing, till memorizing All of the Quran well you need make revision , til after 10 years All of Quran readers know it and do that.

The best age for Memorization (hifz) of Quran:

I divided Age to Four phases:

Golden age : between (4 years to 21 years )You can Memorize Quickly and stick in your mind.

Silver age: between (22 years to 31 years )You can do it but not easy like Golden age, Should more doing effort to finish it.

Bronze Age: between (32 years to 50 years ) You still have chance to Memorize and learn Quran but to be honest with you it’s heard.

iron age: from (51 years ) in this age the better for you, Lean the right way to reading Quran by studying Arabic alphabets and Tajweed rules .

finally every Rule Has exceptions some people have ability to Memorize in any age and very fast and other not.

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