What is Islam

What is Islam

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The Belief in God (Allah)

In reality, belief in Allah is the cornerstone of the entire faith of Islam. All of the other Islamic beliefs and all Islamic practices revolve around the proper belief in God.

For this reason, perhaps more than any other religious community in the world, the belief about God in Islam has been explained in great detail.

How Can One Know About God?

The Islamic religion does not deny that humans have been given by God great reasoning power and natural instincts Furtherrmore , Islam recognizes that God has created humans with an innate ability to recognize and understand the truth that there is a Creator and a God.

Most people, including the greatest thinkers, would never deny the various signs that point to the existence of the Creator. Hence, they wholeheartedly accept the notion of the existence of God.

What has led some people astray and has confused them is that they do not know about God properly and they do not have access to a true and preserved revelation from God.

These sources of error show that beyond believing in God, a person also has to have the right information to know the truth about God.

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