Muhammad The Messenger of Allah

Muhammad The Messenger of Allah

Book excerpt:

Who is the Messenger, Muhammad 13?

His Lineage:
He is Abul-Qasim (father of Al-Qasim) Muhammad, son ofAbdullah, son of Abdul-Mutalib. His lineage traces back to the tribe of Adnan, son of Ismael [the Prophet of Allah, the son of Ibraheem, the one whom Allah chose for His love] may Allah exalt their mention. His mother is Aminah, daughter of Wahb.

Place of Birth and childhood:

The Prophet. was born in the year 571 (according to the Gregorian calendar) in the tribe of Quraish [which was held noble by all Arabs] in Makkah [which was considered the religious capital of the Arabian Peninsula].
The Arabs would perform Hajj in Makkah, and circumambulate the Ka’bah which was built by Prophet
Ibrahim and his son Prophet Ismael, may Allah exalt their mention.

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