Arkan Al-eeman The articles of faith

Arkan Al-eeman The articles of faith

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The Types of Tawheed

Tawheed is a term, which is synonymous with Islam. It means to believe in the Oneness of Allah. That is to believe that there is no true god beside Allah.

In fact Allah has provided rational proof of the impossibility and improbability of the existence of two gods in the universe.

1-Tawheed  AL Uloohiyah

To believe that Allah is the only God who has the right of Uloohiyah (Divinity) over all His creatures. There is absolutely no creature that has a divine attribute. Allah has neither a son, a wife, nor a partner.

2-Tawheed Al-Ruboobiyah

The belief that Allah alone is the Rubb of every thing, that is, the Creator, the Provider, the Proprietor, the One in Whose hand is the disposal of all affairs. He has the power over all things. He gives life, causes death, grants honor, victory and defeat.

3- Tawheed al-Asma wus-Sifat

To believe that Allah enjoys unique divine names and attributes with which Allah has named and qualified Himself, and those with which His Messenger,

May Allah exalt his mention, named and qualified Him, without comparing Him with His creatures, and without suspending distorting the meaning of His names and attributes.

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