The Requirement of Tahara for Reciting

The Requirement of Tahara for Reciting

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The Quran must play a central role in the life of every Muslim. Muslims should turn to the Quran and
read it on a daily basis, if possible. Since many Muslims desire to read the Quran as often as they can,
it becomes of vital importance to know what conditions might exist for the reciting or touching of the

That is, are there some times or occasions in which a Muslim is not allowed to recite or touch
the Quran due to being in a state of “impurity”?
This question is obviously of extreme importance for Muslim sisters. They are the ones who will be
most affected by the answer to this question since they have long periods of “impurity” (menstruation
and post partum bleeding).

  • If it can be shown that they are not allowed to touch the Quran during such states, they must not do so as an act of obedience to Allah. However, if such is not found to be true, then they may be prevented from the important act of reading the Quran because of a misunderstanding or wrong fiqh conclusion.
    Unfortunately, although this is a very important question, many different opinions abound on this

Each opinion, obviously, has some evidence for it. Therefore, in order to make an intelligent conclusion concerning this question, all of the different evidences must be dealt with and weighed.

Only after that process may one make a conclusion on this matter. An attempt shall be made here to
cover all of the major different opinions on this question as well as discuss which seems to be the

Actually, two questions need to be answered and each shall be dealt with separately. These two
questions are the following:

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