Learn Surah Al Masd with Tajweed Rules

Surah AL Masd with Tajweed Rule

Learn Surah Al Masd with Tajweed Rules



يَدَا : The  Alif here  ( Alif Madd ) length  it Four or five Vowel counts (Haraqahs), Is Called Madd Munfasel .

أَبِي  : Yaha is Madd Tapyyia (Natural Madd) ( 2 ) Haraks.

لَهَبٍ وَتَبَّ : Tanween (Two Kasrs ) is followed by ( و ) Idgham with Ghunnah – Insert Tanween into Waw with Gunnah,

Idgham with Ghunnah occurs in Four letters ( و – ى – ن – م) if Noon Sakinah or Tanween is folloed by any one of them The rule be Idgham with Ghunnah.

وَتَبَّ : Qalqalah in (ب) , There are five Qalqalah Letters ( ق – ط- ب- -ج – د ) .

مَا أَغْنَى : Madd Munfasel 4 o 5 Harahs.

عَنْهُ : Ithaar Halqe because Tanween is followed by Haa – It means to pronoun Tanween Clearly in Tajweed six Ithaar Halqe Letters ( ء – ه -ع – ح -غ – خ ).

مَالُهُ  : Small Madd Selah 2 Haraks like ( هو ) .

كَسَبَ  : Qalqalah in (ب).

نَارًا ذَاتَ : It is IKhfaa Haqeqe For  Noon Sakinah ( ن )  or Tanween , There are 15 letters for Ikhfaa and  ذ  one of these letters, In Ikhfaa Noon Sakinah or Tanween not pronounced MAkhraj , only Gunnah is promounced.

حَمَّالَةَ : Read ( م ) with Shaddah Two Haraks.

حَبْلٌ  : Qalqalah in (ب).

حَبْلٌ مِنْ مَسَدٍ : Idgham with Ghunnah because Tanween and Noon Sakinah are followed by ( م

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