Quran Memorization Techniques


First Technique:

When you are memorizing the Quran do not rash, when you rush to do it to start coming out of your mind or your memory, and then you will start to struggle , when you memorized, and then you forget what happens is that you start to get frustrated and disturbed. I’ve memorized it, but I’m still forgetting. So what’s the purpose off continuing? Or what is the purpose off carrying on this task ?

Second Technique:

You have to have someone who is qualified in front of you to recite and you repeat, (someone reciting you repeat) it. If there’s anyone who can learn Koran without repeating it, The Prophet.

Mohammed spoke Arabic better than all of his companions, all of them all together and memory wise lot bless them to capture Arabic language was hiss language better than all the Arabs of his time and today in Arabic.

Yet Allah did not just send the Koran for him to start reading by himself. He sent out you degreed from the seventh of heavens all the way to this earth . Allah said ( لَا تُحَرِّكْ بِهِ لِسَانَكَ لِتَعْجَلَ بِهِ (16) إِنَّ عَلَيْنَا جَمْعَهُ وَقُرْآنَهُ (17) فَإِذَا قَرَأْنَاهُ فَاتَّبِعْ قُرْآنَهُ (18) ثُمَّ إِنَّ عَلَيْنَا بَيَانَهُ (19) )

(He started speaking or saying or reciting the recital after Gabriel. Real fast, Fast, faster than Gabriel Basically, o he was faster than Gabriel in his recitation unless said no, don’t recite this fast. Just wait when Gabriel recite).

How can we be from the people of Surah Al-Kahf?

Recite after him gradually is upon us to bring it together in your chest to remember and memorized. What does What does this tell you? One you can never Memorize Quran and by yourself it does not matter. You can be the see the way of the world.

Third Technique :

it’s a blessing for a person. To be it’s only the select few that  Allah had blessed. Even we have many, many of (Hafezs).

But those who are known as (Hafezs) but few in sight of Allah to adequately memorized of Quran is one of the virtues and the best act of worship ever.

  •  If each Harf (Letter) you will be rewarded with 10 Hasanas , how many reward do you think you will earn for yourself by the time you complete the memorization of Quran ?

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Forth Technique :

If you really want to enjoy Quran never memorized the verses that you will recite onto your Sheikh The the same day. Let’s say I have to Recite on to my Sheikh Today is what Thursday? Today’s Wednesday. Let’s say let’s say today is Friday. I have to recite on to my Sheikh today. I should not memorized the verses today, actually, at least memorize those verses yesterday before today,

So I have 24 hours to memorize the page or two pages, or depending on how many Ayah I’m taken to Memorize that that page at least twice once in the morning and in the afternoon , I repeated just the same system that I followed the way of memorizing the Quran or to retain something. I’ve actually explained this.

So do not rush when you memorize something, if you take it easier on yourself and follow this process, it will be much easier. And you save yourself from a lot of revision when you finish.

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