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Adaab (etiquettes) of reciting The Quran

To gain the full reward, it is extremely important that due respect is given to the Qur’aan Shareef and the following etiquettes of recitation be applied.

1. The correct Niyyah (intention). “I am reciting the words of Allah (PBUH) for His pleasure only.”

2. To make Wudhu and use a Miswaak.

3. To face Qiblah if possible while reciting.

4. To sit at a Taahir (clean) place.

5. Recite with the concentration that one is reading the words of his beloved Allah (PBUH)and that He is hearing him.

6. Not to talk, laugh or play while reciting.

7. Not to return a greeting while reciting.

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1. It is Jaa`iz (permissible) to recite the Qur’aan Shareef without Wudhu, provided one does not touch the Quraan Shareef.

2. It is not permissible to touch the Qur’aan Shareef or any Aayah of the Qur’aan Shareef without Wudhu.

3. If the Qur’aan Shareef is wrapped in a cloth, cover or bag then it would be permissible to touch it without Wudhu (Hanafi).

According to the Shafi’ee Math’hab it is not permissible to even touch the cloth, cover or bag without Wudhu.

It is not permissible to touch or recite the Qur’aan Shareef in the state of Janaabah (when Ghusl is necessary).

5. It is permissible for a woman in the state of Haidh to read one word at a time if she is teaching the Qur’aan Shareef.

This would be done without the intention of reciting the Quraan Shareef – i.e. without the Niyyah of Tilaawah.

6. A person who is reciting the Qur’aan Shareef should not be greeted. Should somebody greet the reciter then he/she has the option to continue with the Tilaawah or stop and reply to the Salaam and continue with the Tilaawah after repeating Taawwuth.


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