How can we be from the people of Surah Al-Kahf

Surah Al-Kahf

 Surah (Al-Kahf) is a Makkan Surah. It is included some principles of life:

– Directing a person to judge by what he knows, and what he does not know: let him leave his matter to Allah; when youths of the cave wonder about the period of their stay in the cave: entrust their knowledge to Allah, and in the story of Moses with the righteous servant when he reveals to him the secret of his behavior.

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– Explanation of Allah Almighty’s support for the believers with the stories:

    • We find the story of the people of the cave: this image of Allah Almighty’s support for a group of believing young men, protecting them from the oppression of the unjust ruler.
    • We find that the story of Moses with Al-Khidr: highlights the grace of Allah over the believers. It is a virtue that differs from a believer to a believer. So, Moses, peace be upon him, is in need of the knowledge and ability that Allah gives Al-Khidr to solve these problems.
    • We also find – third – that the story of Dhul-Qarnayn: declares Allah Almighty’s support for a believing king, his victory over injustice and corruption.

How can we be from the people of Surah Al-Kahf?

How can we be from the people of Surah Al-Kahf?

  1.  To beware of temptation and fortify ourselves from it.
  2.  That we do well for Allah Almighty; sincerity of intention for Allah and following the Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.
  3.  That we always turn to Allah and ask Him for mercy and guidance.
  4.  Not to be greatly deceived by the goodness of our condition and the severity of our uprightness! Hearts turn, hearts slip away, hearts deviate, and we must ask Allah Almighty to make our hearts heart steadfast.
  5.  Shall we not engage in what is useless, because the time of Muslims is precious, so what would increase us if we knew the number of young men? Or their names? or their ages? Rather, the desired benefit is in their actions and their steadfastness on the principle.
  6. To guide the one who has forgotten something in his speech to the remembrance of Allah; Because forgetting originates from Satan, and the remembrance of Allah Almighty expels Satan, and if Satan is gone, forgetfulness will go away. Allah’s remembrance is a reason to remember anything.
  7. What is with Allah is better and more lasting, Allah is best in reward and best in the outcome, as Allah said “ At this time, support comes only from Allah- the True Lord. He is best in reward and best in the outcome”(interpretation of the meaning)
  8.  That we seek refuge in Allah from being arrogant because of the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us, and we ask Allah to make them help us in worshiping Him.

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