9 Tips For Memorize the Quran

tips memorize quran

The First Tip:

Set time every day, ideally right after fajr  prayer you pray, figure and then the first thing you do is sit down for 10 15 minutes and start memorizing and keep that set time every day.

The Second Tip:

have almost have that you stick to , and preferably one that you really like. And so it’s very dear to me and this comes everywhere with me. So pick, it must have that you really like and you really enjoy reading from number Tips Memorize Quran.

The Third Tip:

Set a realistic goal at the beginning, you might be really ambitious and thing I can do one page or two pages a day, and you might be able to at first, but you’re going to very quickly get burnt out. So set a very small, realistic goal, ideally, three lines a day or five lines a day and stick to that. And that way, it’s easier to keep up with on a day to day basis.

The Forth Tip:

Have acquired peaceful place and ideally, the same place every day that you sit in, and that’s your memorizing spot.

The Fifth Tip:

Read the translation so you understand the versus before starting to memorize.

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Surah Al-Fatihah

The sixth Tip:

Write it down, grab a little slip of paper and write down those three or five years that you’re memorizing on that day and keep it with you at all times. So keep it in your bag or slip it in your pocket. And that way throughout the day, you can keep checking to make sure that your memorization is correct.

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The seventh Tip:

Repeat, repeat. Repeat throughout the day. Keep repeating as you’re walking somewhere repeated as you’re driving somewhere, repeated all those moments that you usually use to pick up your phone and scroll through social media endlessly. Use that time to repeat, repeat, repeat and even use it in prayer. Use the verses that you’ve learned in prayer so that you keep solidifying it.

The eighth Tip:

The next day before you start the new three or five versus refresh your memorization and check the last seven days of memorization. So check the last week of what you memorized. Go over it and then start those new three or five versus of the day to make sure it really sticks.

The Ninth Tip:

Be consistent. Don’t skip days be consistent every day, day in, day out at same time. Keep it up and, inshallah, that will help you memorize and solidify it. Inshallah, I hope these tips help and until next time aside, American.

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